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Mini Post Update Thing


I haven’t written since July 7th?! Really?! WTH ME. DX

I’ve been busy preparing for events and searching for jobs. ;-; I’m alive. I’m just not enjoying my vacation even though I blatantly told myself I’d make sure I did. XD I failed so far orz

Performed at GoGoCurry’s 5th anniversary, still preparing for my café’s next event: 3rd annual PokéPiku, and of course trying not to go on a killing spree in the financial aid office. If you’re in college or have attended it, you will understand my pain and war with college offices. If you’re not in college yet, you will soon know my pain. Heed my warning: TRUST NO ONE. HARASS EVERYONE.

So yeah. I’ve been reading posts from fellow bloggers and studying, but I haven’t updated my poor blog. I’m definitely doing the review on the TOPIK guide I got courtesy of twoChois tomorrow though. :D (And then there’s that backup of other books to review oi dale)

Maybe I should commit to doing a daily log so I don’t go MIA. (Did I say this before? I bet I did. It feels familiar…) If I make blogging daily a habit, there won’t be any chances for dust bunnies to live on my blog. >.> They like empty environments that aren’t tended to. Lawd, I’m talking about them like they’re insects. Sorry bunnies… Nah, not sorry.