I’m a Parrot…


I’ve been feeling like a parrot lately with all the Korean I’ve been mimicking everything from textbooks’ CDs to radio shows to dramas and idols. (To make it worse, I’m eating crackers right now… Polly wanted the cracker orz)

There are so many rising and falling tones in Korean and it’s just wonderful! :D More to learn and it’s currently difficult for me, but it’s all good.


I love it. XD Little by little I can hear how it’s different from the dialect spoken in Seoul, but I can’t tell right off the bat yet. (Thanks Daehyun. I owe you cheesecake.)

This was just a short post to keep my blog alive. I kinda wish I wrote more on it though.

Book reviews are coming soon. I have stuff I keep forgetting to review and my gift from twochois is on the way. Still can’t believe I won. :DDD

Random last note: I’m trying to not study Japanese until July or until my Korean is up to my Japanese level and the urge to fly into a Japanese book is getting worse. I feel like an addict trying to resist what they know they want.


Where Do People Go After Book 1???


Sometimes it’s so difficult to find book reviews on intermediate and advanced language books- especially video reviews. It’s as if people take on book 1 or book 1-1 or 1A and that’s that. I know a handful of bloggers I follow who do reviews on int. and adv. books (and I love you people THANK YOU), but once I search on places like YT or Amazon NOPE. XD

Take the Integrated Korean series for example. Beginner 1 has about 40 reviews but Intermediate 2 has tumbleweeds on the page. Where do the vast amount of people go after the first book? Do they go to another language? Another series? Do they table flip everything and stick with English?

I’m making it a goal to provide people with reviews on int. and adv. books when I get to that stage. There needs to be more of us who start learning a language and keep going. Needs. *-*

I don’t even know what kind of post this was. I just felt like writing something I noticed.

Rant/Motivation Post


I don’t think many of my followers know this and I feel the need to explain: I’m the kind of person that gets frustrated with something that challenges them and then works hard to overcome it. If I ever rant about something difficult, it’s me kinda showing my motivation to work on it more. XD Does it make any sense? No? Yes? Keep reading either way.

I’m self-studying Korean and for Japanese I’m self-studying (s-s? Can I abbreviate it? Nah. Looks weird.) at the moment and I take classes when I’m in college. I’ve had more exposure to the Japanese language (listened to songs in Japanese at a young age and tried to sing what I heard/watched anime with and w/o subtitles as I tried to piece words together.) which is probably why it’s easier for me to pick it up, but compared to Korean it is much more difficult in terms of grammar and writing. Regardless of me acknowledging this difficulty, I keep running into the same problem: I can’t pronounce Korean to save my life.

Maybe I just sound okay speaking Korean and I’m being critical of myself, but oh my grapes and vines and wine glasses… Feeling comfortable with speaking Korean is going to be a long and hard journey for me.

Which has lead me to this post. :D

I feel really motivated to practice my reading and speaking, so I’m planning on devoting a lot of time to that. Recently I’ve been working on grammar and vocabulary, but pronunciation is kicking me in the kneecap and it hurts! I need my kneecap! I’m a dancer! ;-;

If you’re wondering where the sudden rage came from, it was because I was listening to Daehyun in an interview and he said, “…내 가슴에 불을 지펴봐” and I was trying to listen closely to how he said 불 because the difference between ㅂ/ㅍ and ㅈ/ㅊ gets me every time. I get the double consonants, but these suckers right here. Sometimes  ㅂ sounds aspirated like ㅍ. Same for ㅈ/ㅊ. One day I’ll get it. ONE. DAY. I’m watching you 자모… I’m watching you… Well, more like trying to pronounce, but you get what I mean.

[Apply Now] 6th Book Review Lucky Draw.


My blog isn’t all that active, but I’m still going to try. ;A; I have a bunch of posts I keep forgetting to make. TToTT I’d love to finally have this book though. I should prepare from now if I’m planning on taking it next year.



다들 잘 지내셨나요?

제 5 회 Lucky Draw에 많은 관심을 보내주셔서 감사합니다.

오늘부터 진행되는 여섯 번째 Lucky Draw도 많은 관심 부탁드려요- >_<

This book is suitable for people who are willing to take TOPIK.

Book Info.


Complete Guide to the TOPIK_Basic
Author : Seoul Korean Language Academy Book page : 200 pages Supplement : 2 Audio CDs

‘Complete Guide to the TOPIK Basic’ aims to be a perfect preparation book for the TOPIK tests for the basic level, which is, a proper standardization of Korean language principles. This book is focused on understanding of the TOPIK through sections divided by question type and includes in-depth explanations of questions from previous TOPIK tests. The book consists of Part 1, 2, and 3 in the order of expression (vocabulary & grammar, writing) and comprehension (listening and reading) according to the question types on the TOPIK. Thus, the learners can prepare for…

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Liebster Award Nomination


Thank you to Kay (seoulinme) and Alli (bluehanbok) for nominating me for this award. I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten around to making this post earlier. College and finals month was killing me. I’ve almost abandoned this blog, but I’m really happy I was nominated for this. ;A;


What is the Liebster Award?

The Leibster Award is an award for bloggers/blogs with 200 followers or less and I was really curious about the meaning of Liebster too, so I took to Google and found it means, sweetestkindest and nicest in German! Cool!

Here are the rules of receiving the award!

 1. List 11 random facts about yourself.

2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.

3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc..

4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.

5. Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

Here we gooooo!

11 Random Facts About Yourself

1. I play bass, piano and alto saxophone.

2. I changed my major from accounting to psychology and music to Japanese language and Korean language. It may change again, but hopefully not.

3. I fear spiders like Scooby and Shaggy fear ghosts, but if you show me a tarantula I’ll find it adorable and want to hold it. (I’m insane. I know.)

4. I’m currently 20 and never been in a relationship before and I’m kinda hoping I can hit the jackpot on the first try. When I say jackpot, I mean I’m hoping my first significant other ends up being the person I marry. It’ll be kinda cool and I can be all “WOOO NAILED IT!!!”

5. I had a burger from 5 guys a couple of days ago for the first time ever and BAM SHABLAM it was delicious.

6. I don’t know if that counts as a fact about myself. Or this…

7. I’ve been dancing for about 11 years now. Tap, caribbean, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet (en pointe), and learning j-pop and k-pop from YouTube.

8. I want to learn 10 languages in this lifetime or at least Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian. Pfft. Look at me. I said “at least” for all of that. XD

9. I have this uncanny ability to be so weird and insane that it’s helping me take over the world. (HAAAAA NOPE. I’m just weird and I accept it.)

10. When I was born, I wasn’t breathing so they put me in the incubator. I scared everyone. Sorry. >.>

11. I have blue-grey spots in my eyes and I still don’t know what they are, but the doctor says it’s nothing so yeah.

Kay (seoulinme) ‘s Questions

1. If were stuck on a deserted island what would you need the most to survive?

K-pop. Omg who am I kidding, it’ll be the first thing that kills me. Uhhh. Food. No. WATER. NO! BEYONCE because everyone will come looking for her and they’ll definitely find her and if I’m with her they’ll find me too. Yes. I just listed her as a thing that I’d need. Sorry B, love you.

2. What is your favourite book?

I don’t have one. ;A; I used to read so darn much and now I don’t so I can’t remember much. I like too many things. >.<

3. Gold or Silver?

SILVER! I just find it cooler. Dunno why. Silver looks more badass to me.

4. Something that you recently learned?

5 Guys burgers are delicious and this video is so darn true: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcJFdCmN98s

5. If you could be someone other than yourself for one day who would you be?

A male k-pop star (like Yunho or Lee Joon) so I can make straight boys question their sexuality and they wouldn’t understand how or why and be doomed to love me forever.

6. Who is your ultimate bias?

OMG. This is never a simple answer. Donghae was the first ever ultimate bias and he is such a sweet little thing, but then Kim Jongwoon (Yesung) decided to jump on top of him and knock everything in my life over. AND THEN YUNHO DECIDED TO BURN EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE. So yeah. Donghae, Jongwoon and Yunho are my ultimate biases.

Alli (bluehanbok)’s Questions

1. Milk, tea or coffee?

Tea. I grew to just enjoy tea without adding anything because of all the benefits and studying Asian culture so much.

2. Would you like to marry a Korean?

Oh yes. Please. Send one to me.

3. If you were to visit Korea, in what city or what place do you want to go first?

Either Seoul or Busan or Mokpo. Seoul so I can visit the Talk to Me in Korean team, Busan because of the food, and Mokpo because Yunho and Donghae grew up there.

4. Complete the sentence: 10 years from now, I ____________________________.

10 years from now, I will rule the world. Haha, jk. That’s too much work. 10 years from now, I am going to be even more insane than I am now and hopefully be able to help others learn to love themselves and aim for their dreams.

5. What do you do during your free time?

So much random shiz that it’s not even funny. Play an instrument. Play videogames and rage when I die. Study Japanese or Korean. YouTube. Wonder why my ultimate biases imprinted on me. Think about food. Go to tumblr. Write stuff on twitter. Dance. I can go on and on about this.

My Questions

1. Have you ever left the country before? To where? And if not, where would you like to go?

2. What is something you have too much of?

3. If you won the mega millions, what would you do?

4. What kind of music do you love the most?

5. Paper or plastic? (The traditional grocery/store question.)

Blogs I Nominate






Motto of the Year


I recently (as in today) came up with a motto that I want to use for the rest of the year (and many years after actually… or until I find something better):

If it scares you, attack it.


This goes for everything from insects to language points to people to stage fright.

You won’t improve or get over a hurdle as you stand in the back and look at it. You’ve gotta knock it down. In times like this, violence IS the answer and I’m not just saying that because I’m a bit of a violent person. (Please don’t get the wrong idea about me. I’m more of the type of violent that you laugh at instead of cower in fear of. ;A;)


Is something in your language journey making you feel like you’re stuck in one spot?

Work on it because you won’t see improvement doing anything else.


Did someone try to be a smartass and scare you shitless?

Accidentally roundhouse kick them and say, “I told you I have bad reflexes.”


Are you afraid of dancing or playing on a stage or in front of people because you think you’re not good enough or that you’ll be judged?

Remember how much you love what you do and do it for YOURSELF and NO ONE ELSE.


Is there an insect on your wall taunting you?

Introduce that son of a son/daughter of a daughter/thing of a thing to RAID, curb stomping, and your best battle cry.


Whatever is in your path is there for you to get stronger and move on. Spend most of your time working on a solution instead of worrying about how you’ll get to one.