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Quick Question ;-; halp plz


Does anyone know of a way to change site names without all the wp-config.php stuff? I was hoping there was an easier way to do it. I don’t wanna confuse people with two different names (darkfire382 and JoenJinsei). I don’t wanna have to start all over in a new blog. OTL I’m hoping to find a way to easily change it to joeunjinsei.wordpress


Two days to review 7 chapters of Japanese before JPN201 starts! WHEEEEEEE! orz


Mini Update #2


It’s been a while hasn’t it? >.>

I recently placed a (kinda large) order with twoChois and I’m so impatient for it to get here. XD I had the option of buying some of the books from a bookstore in a Koreatown, but believe it or not, the prices are higher. Yeah. So even though I’d have to pay a lot for shipping for a heavy parcel from Korea, I’m still paying less than if I purchased everything from that bookstore. Crazy, huh? XD

In about eight more days, I’ll be back in Japanese class. They (the college- not so much the Japanese department) say it’s the intermediate level, but we’ll be on Genki II which is just the rest of the elementary level. OTL So from now until the 30th, I need to review a year’s worth of Japanese. 

Good News: I remember most of my grammar points, vocabulary, and kanji.

Bad News: I’m up to chapter 5 of 12 and I had a bad habit of not taking notes (Read: I need to write 8 more chapters worth of notes by the 30th.)


This is why you take notes as you go and don’t think you’ll go back and do it in a timely matter. XD That’s another bad habit of mine. I’ll read, understand, keep going, and tell myself I’ll definitely come back to it later. HAHA NO.

Although I’m really excited and a bit impatient for my order to arrive, it’s good that I’ll have to wait about a week. This forces me to study Japanese until classes start. If I had my order right now, there would be NO HOPE for reviewing Japanese.  (Unless I bought some Japanese books… Nope. Still no hope because these are Korean books I’ve wanted for a long time.) Does anyone else do that? If you’re studying two languages and get new books for one, you kinda ignore the other?  

Mini Post Update Thing


I haven’t written since July 7th?! Really?! WTH ME. DX

I’ve been busy preparing for events and searching for jobs. ;-; I’m alive. I’m just not enjoying my vacation even though I blatantly told myself I’d make sure I did. XD I failed so far orz

Performed at GoGoCurry’s 5th anniversary, still preparing for my café’s next event: 3rd annual PokéPiku, and of course trying not to go on a killing spree in the financial aid office. If you’re in college or have attended it, you will understand my pain and war with college offices. If you’re not in college yet, you will soon know my pain. Heed my warning: TRUST NO ONE. HARASS EVERYONE.

So yeah. I’ve been reading posts from fellow bloggers and studying, but I haven’t updated my poor blog. I’m definitely doing the review on the TOPIK guide I got courtesy of twoChois tomorrow though. :D (And then there’s that backup of other books to review oi dale)

Maybe I should commit to doing a daily log so I don’t go MIA. (Did I say this before? I bet I did. It feels familiar…) If I make blogging daily a habit, there won’t be any chances for dust bunnies to live on my blog. >.> They like empty environments that aren’t tended to. Lawd, I’m talking about them like they’re insects. Sorry bunnies… Nah, not sorry.

New Blog Name :D (More like ‘Finally, a blog name’ but yeah…)


I’ve forgotten that the name of my blog is literally my screenname (which I use almost everywhere) and doesn’t really reflect what the blog is about. XD I want something that sounds catchy, but I am ALWAYS so nitpicky about making new names. It has to be something I really like or I’ll be like “Noooooooo, change it!” So far, as for names, I have nothing right now. Well I kinda sorta have something, but I dun liek iht. DX

I wanna mix something in Japanese with something in Korean like:  良い人生 and 좋은 생활 to get JoeunJinsei or something like that, but aaaaaahhhh asdklfjakfjaf IDEK. ._.

I’m starting to like it a little more now that I look at it but I’m still skeptical. XD

-5 minutes later-

Wait… I think I like it. >.> No. Yes. No, wait. Fudge… Yes. Maybe.


No. DX YES. (I’m a  mess. XD Does anyone else do this?)

Okay, I’m going to put the blog title as “JoeunJinsei” for now and let it grow on me. (Hopefully it will.)



;-; Why is this so hard?

Where Do People Go After Book 1???


Sometimes it’s so difficult to find book reviews on intermediate and advanced language books- especially video reviews. It’s as if people take on book 1 or book 1-1 or 1A and that’s that. I know a handful of bloggers I follow who do reviews on int. and adv. books (and I love you people THANK YOU), but once I search on places like YT or Amazon NOPE. XD

Take the Integrated Korean series for example. Beginner 1 has about 40 reviews but Intermediate 2 has tumbleweeds on the page. Where do the vast amount of people go after the first book? Do they go to another language? Another series? Do they table flip everything and stick with English?

I’m making it a goal to provide people with reviews on int. and adv. books when I get to that stage. There needs to be more of us who start learning a language and keep going. Needs. *-*

I don’t even know what kind of post this was. I just felt like writing something I noticed.