Thanks to Archana, I was able to create a new blog and import all posts and comments onto it. I didn’t want to make things confusing by having “darkfire382.wordpress” as the link and then the name of the blog was completely different. Better now than 1000 posts later. XD

Imagine the day I get to 1000 posts… I’ll be so proud. ;-;

Here’s the link:

Please follow it. ^.^ That’s where I’ll write all language study related posts.


This blog… IDEK. I might turn it into a music blog of some sort, but I’m not completely sure so stay tuned if you’d like.


About joeunjinsei

Ah! I'm no good with about me's. DX Oh no! Uh... to the escape pod! Mini bits of info: NYC, musician (bass, piano, and alto sax), dancer, language geek, j-rock lover, k-pop lover, very peculiar . Okay, seriously to the escape pod!

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