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Thanks to Archana, I was able to create a new blog and import all posts and comments onto it. I didn’t want to make things confusing by having “darkfire382.wordpress” as the link and then the name of the blog was completely different. Better now than 1000 posts later. XD

Imagine the day I get to 1000 posts… I’ll be so proud. ;-;

Here’s the link:

Please follow it. ^.^ That’s where I’ll write all language study related posts.


This blog… IDEK. I might turn it into a music blog of some sort, but I’m not completely sure so stay tuned if you’d like.


Quick Question ;-; halp plz


Does anyone know of a way to change site names without all the wp-config.php stuff? I was hoping there was an easier way to do it. I don’t wanna confuse people with two different names (darkfire382 and JoenJinsei). I don’t wanna have to start all over in a new blog. OTL I’m hoping to find a way to easily change it to joeunjinsei.wordpress


Two days to review 7 chapters of Japanese before JPN201 starts! WHEEEEEEE! orz

Mini Update #2


It’s been a while hasn’t it? >.>

I recently placed a (kinda large) order with twoChois and I’m so impatient for it to get here. XD I had the option of buying some of the books from a bookstore in a Koreatown, but believe it or not, the prices are higher. Yeah. So even though I’d have to pay a lot for shipping for a heavy parcel from Korea, I’m still paying less than if I purchased everything from that bookstore. Crazy, huh? XD

In about eight more days, I’ll be back in Japanese class. They (the college- not so much the Japanese department) say it’s the intermediate level, but we’ll be on Genki II which is just the rest of the elementary level. OTL So from now until the 30th, I need to review a year’s worth of Japanese. 

Good News: I remember most of my grammar points, vocabulary, and kanji.

Bad News: I’m up to chapter 5 of 12 and I had a bad habit of not taking notes (Read: I need to write 8 more chapters worth of notes by the 30th.)


This is why you take notes as you go and don’t think you’ll go back and do it in a timely matter. XD That’s another bad habit of mine. I’ll read, understand, keep going, and tell myself I’ll definitely come back to it later. HAHA NO.

Although I’m really excited and a bit impatient for my order to arrive, it’s good that I’ll have to wait about a week. This forces me to study Japanese until classes start. If I had my order right now, there would be NO HOPE for reviewing Japanese.  (Unless I bought some Japanese books… Nope. Still no hope because these are Korean books I’ve wanted for a long time.) Does anyone else do that? If you’re studying two languages and get new books for one, you kinda ignore the other?