I’m a Parrot…


I’ve been feeling like a parrot lately with all the Korean I’ve been mimicking everything from textbooks’ CDs to radio shows to dramas and idols. (To make it worse, I’m eating crackers right now… Polly wanted the cracker orz)

There are so many rising and falling tones in Korean and it’s just wonderful! :D More to learn and it’s currently difficult for me, but it’s all good.


I love it. XD Little by little I can hear how it’s different from the dialect spoken in Seoul, but I can’t tell right off the bat yet. (Thanks Daehyun. I owe you cheesecake.)

This was just a short post to keep my blog alive. I kinda wish I wrote more on it though.

Book reviews are coming soon. I have stuff I keep forgetting to review and my gift from twochois is on the way. Still can’t believe I won. :DDD

Random last note: I’m trying to not study Japanese until July or until my Korean is up to my Japanese level and the urge to fly into a Japanese book is getting worse. I feel like an addict trying to resist what they know they want.


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