Where Do People Go After Book 1???


Sometimes it’s so difficult to find book reviews on intermediate and advanced language books- especially video reviews. It’s as if people take on book 1 or book 1-1 or 1A and that’s that. I know a handful of bloggers I follow who do reviews on int. and adv. books (and I love you people THANK YOU), but once I search on places like YT or Amazon NOPE. XD

Take the Integrated Korean series for example. Beginner 1 has about 40 reviews but Intermediate 2 has tumbleweeds on the page. Where do the vast amount of people go after the first book? Do they go to another language? Another series? Do they table flip everything and stick with English?

I’m making it a goal to provide people with reviews on int. and adv. books when I get to that stage. There needs to be more of us who start learning a language and keep going. Needs. *-*

I don’t even know what kind of post this was. I just felt like writing something I noticed.


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  1. Now that you mentioned it, I agree with you!! Now I’m also wondering if they stopped learning at that pace or they are just lazy to post reviews/recommendations. XD But I think, many people nowadays only study the Korean basics for ‘survival’ if they want to visit Korea, or make simple sentences to tweet/send messages to their K-idols. :) Or maybe some are discouraged when they realize that it becomes harder to grasp grammar forms, vocabulary words or hanjas.. Or simply because they are so busy with their studies/works to spend more time and effort learning beyond what they already know in Korean.. :) Everybody has reasons.. I hope to be one of those who keeps going ’til the end. Same to you. Let’s study harder. 화이팅~! ^^

    • 네, 화이팅! ^^ I almost forgot about the group of people who are just going to visit Korea for a while then visit another country and just learn the basics or simple phrases. I keep thinking in the POV of people like us who go :DDD at new language study material. XD

      It’s definitely a challenge to actually pass through the real level of “basic” in Japanese or Korean since it’s so different from English. I was like ._. lolwat when I noticed after Genki I I still needed to do Genki II to really get out the elementary level and be prepared to move to intermediate. Then again, I enjoy a challenge. :D

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