Motto of the Year


I recently (as in today) came up with a motto that I want to use for the rest of the year (and many years after actually… or until I find something better):

If it scares you, attack it.


This goes for everything from insects to language points to people to stage fright.

You won’t improve or get over a hurdle as you stand in the back and look at it. You’ve gotta knock it down. In times like this, violence IS the answer and I’m not just saying that because I’m a bit of a violent person. (Please don’t get the wrong idea about me. I’m more of the type of violent that you laugh at instead of cower in fear of. ;A;)


Is something in your language journey making you feel like you’re stuck in one spot?

Work on it because you won’t see improvement doing anything else.


Did someone try to be a smartass and scare you shitless?

Accidentally roundhouse kick them and say, “I told you I have bad reflexes.”


Are you afraid of dancing or playing on a stage or in front of people because you think you’re not good enough or that you’ll be judged?

Remember how much you love what you do and do it for YOURSELF and NO ONE ELSE.


Is there an insect on your wall taunting you?

Introduce that son of a son/daughter of a daughter/thing of a thing to RAID, curb stomping, and your best battle cry.


Whatever is in your path is there for you to get stronger and move on. Spend most of your time working on a solution instead of worrying about how you’ll get to one.


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