It’s Finally Happened!



The Korean… It became Korean.

Just follow me on this and read along. It’ll make sense.


I was listening to an advanced lesson on Talk to Me in Korean as I was reading along with the transcribed pdf of the interview and during the 4th page, it’s like my eyes and brain just adjusted and accepted Korean and could read along. Of course, since it’s an advanced podcast, they are going to read at a fast speed which may be difficult to read along to if you’re still new to the language.

It was like having the stone block wall open up and reveal Diagon Alley to you. I kid you not.

Usually when I read Korean and listen along to an advanced lesson/interview, all I see is this:

유학하면 (네) adsfafa 있고, (네) 그… 뭐… 기초yersgtr수 있잖아요. (네)

근데 나 같은gfgarga는 (네) tatwefjuk아요. (네) 그 책이나vdsfafasfasfas (네)

그런 걸ffasfwerqj 공부해야grhthjyrf… 뭐라고htr까요?

rterg 부분weyu5rasdj있어요.

[edited from pg.3 of the pdf from this:


I wanted the Wingdings fonts to come up instead of stuff like “adfsajgakls,” but you get the idea. My eyes REFUSED to catch on to the letters and see words. You know when you read a language you’re familiar with,  you can see and understand more than one word at a time? Like, you just glance at the word “it” and can see “this” all in one go? (If that makes sense?) Yeah. I did NOT have that with Korean, but it’s like it’s slowly making sense to me. I can see words! WORDS! PROGRESS!

Diagon Alley here I come! :D


Thank you to the people following my blog. I’m amazed. I never thought any of you would find this. It’s amazing. O.o

Sorry for the lack of posts. College steals my time. ;A; I have lots of things I wanna type up and post about so I’m just gonna need to get back into the habit of blogging every day (used to for a personal blog). Seriously, there are books waiting to be reviewed, my insanity/spazzing, things I’ve learned and finally understand or just don’t understand and more stuff. Hopefully I won’t scare anyone away. :D


Random: I panicked for a good minute just now because I couldn’t find the “Publish” button.


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