Can’t Read Korean to Save My Life


I just finished reading this entire article:

Oh. My. Grapes.

I think it took me 30 minutes to read that whole thing out loud. It’s one thing for my eyes and mind to recognize the words and how they should sound, but it’s an entirely different thing to say it out loud with liaison rules and such.

But seriously… That took SO long. I was gonna call it quits after the pictures of Myungsoo (not just because he is gorgeous). I didn’t expect there would be  more to read after it. I read slightly faster than I used to which is a good thing. If I’ve seen the character before, it’s easier for me to pronounce it quicker. I think it’s all a matter of determination and practice. Even if I didn’t understand crap, I was determined to keep on reading out loud until I finished the entire article and then get on to my nonsense. (*cough*DroolingOverYunhoAndSangwooInQueenOfAmbition*cough* … *cough*tumblr*cough*)

Yeah… >.>

I haven’t been blogging nor studying as much as I would like to, but these are goals I’d like to accomplish within a year. It’s not going to happen over night or in two weeks. Did a bit of Japanese review today since classes will start back soon so that’s some progress. SOME. XD

tl;dr: Read random articles in Korean through Naver to increase reading speed.

Now excuse me as I watch ep.2 of Queen of Ambition and drool over Sangwoo and Yunho. Some of these men are too beautiful for my sanity. Not that I have much sanity left.

EDIT: So some a couple minutes later after finishing this post, I remembered that this was the original article I was going to read.: I only know that it’s about the currently airing drama, 학교2013. I noticed that after reading that long first one, it was a little easier to read this one. I’m going to try to make this a habit because like the title says: I can’t read Korean to save my life. Okay, maybe I’ll save my life a little, but got damn do I read with lots of pauses and difficulty. DX


READ! Go on! Do it!


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    • Thanks. :D I hope your weekend went well. I’m trying to stick to shorter articles, but knowing my determination, it won’t work for long. I just end up reading more than one. XD

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