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Can’t Read Korean to Save My Life


I just finished reading this entire article:

Oh. My. Grapes.

I think it took me 30 minutes to read that whole thing out loud. It’s one thing for my eyes and mind to recognize the words and how they should sound, but it’s an entirely different thing to say it out loud with liaison rules and such.

But seriously… That took SO long. I was gonna call it quits after the pictures of Myungsoo (not just because he is gorgeous). I didn’t expect there would be  more to read after it. I read slightly faster than I used to which is a good thing. If I’ve seen the character before, it’s easier for me to pronounce it quicker. I think it’s all a matter of determination and practice. Even if I didn’t understand crap, I was determined to keep on reading out loud until I finished the entire article and then get on to my nonsense. (*cough*DroolingOverYunhoAndSangwooInQueenOfAmbition*cough* … *cough*tumblr*cough*)

Yeah… >.>

I haven’t been blogging nor studying as much as I would like to, but these are goals I’d like to accomplish within a year. It’s not going to happen over night or in two weeks. Did a bit of Japanese review today since classes will start back soon so that’s some progress. SOME. XD

tl;dr: Read random articles in Korean through Naver to increase reading speed.

Now excuse me as I watch ep.2 of Queen of Ambition and drool over Sangwoo and Yunho. Some of these men are too beautiful for my sanity. Not that I have much sanity left.

EDIT: So some a couple minutes later after finishing this post, I remembered that this was the original article I was going to read.: I only know that it’s about the currently airing drama, 학교2013. I noticed that after reading that long first one, it was a little easier to read this one. I’m going to try to make this a habit because like the title says: I can’t read Korean to save my life. Okay, maybe I’ll save my life a little, but got damn do I read with lots of pauses and difficulty. DX


READ! Go on! Do it!


Who Are You People?!


I think this is my favorite quote from Patrick in that one episode of SpongeBob. XD

I noticed that I never did an “about me” page and I am COMPLETELY lost on how to manage and edit things on WordPress right now. Menus, links, sidebars, and everything else is new to me because I have never owned a blog like this. I’m used to coding things from scratch… Which should be more difficult, but 90% of the stuff I do doesn’t make sense so yeah. >.>

WARNING: I wrote a lot ton of crap because I don’t know how to shut up.


My name is Keisha and I have too many nicknames. The most used one is Reika, but feel free to call me something else. I’m born March 25, 1993 so that makes me an Aries born in the year of the rooster. I’m a musician (bass, piano, alto sax.), dancer, maid in Tenshi no Ai Café, k-pop lover, j-rock lover, and ultimately a riot. A nice one though. :D My heritage is Trinidadian, Panamanian, and I may be Muslim. (I don’t know about my biological father’s side, but the last name is Salaam.) I love talking to people and making them laugh so feel free to send a message or add me on anything listed at the end of this post.

Warning: I can be a sarcastic little thing. XD

Another Warning: If you go to my tumblr, be careful. I like Asian men. That’s all I can say and all I need to say. >.>


I may be majoring in psychology or translation or language but I’m 90% sure I’ll have music as one major. I love music so much, but lately I haven’t been playing as much as I should have so my love for it feels like it’s diminished. ;A; Regular playing and not caring how bad or inexperienced I may sound are definitely the cures. I’ve been playing electric bass since Sept. 2008,  alto saxophone and upright bass since November 2010, and piano since Dec. 2010. I had some upright lessons (rarely supervised) -.- and was taught bass for a year in high school but had to self-teach after that. I get some coaching here and there from friends as well. Alto sax. and piano are self-taught and I currently don’t own an upright bass so I can’t do anything. At all. My inner bassist is crying right now. CRYING.


My native languages are: Proper English and Bad English (hoodlum dialect). I kid you not. I prefer to speak proper English, but I only know bad English because I grew up around people who spoke broken English whether it was from their homeland’s accent (Trinidad) or they were trying to be “hood”.

I aim to learn uhh… A lot of languages. I tend to catch on to them quickly in terms of pronunciation and grammar. Remembering vocabulary is my greatest enemy. Here’s all the languages I want to be able to speak:

  • English (CHECK. WOO!)
  • European Spanish
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese (I fear Cantonese and it’s 8-9 tones.)
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Croatian
  • Middle Eastern Arabic
  • French
  • Greek~
  • Latin~

I put a ~ next to Greek and Latin because I only want to learn here and there about the language because it’ll expand my English vocabulary. It’s a lot on the list, but I really really love learning. I HATE being forced to learn to someone else’s standards though. *cough*rudeprofessors*cough*

I’m pretty I’ll learn the languages in the order I just listed. The Slavic and Germanic languages may change their order and French may jump off the list or higher up. I’m not sure.

I aim to do a semester in Japan and a semester in South Korea. It’s been my dream for a long time to do abroad study in college and I am determined to fulfill it.

(Secret: If I could, I want to be a professional dancer and choreographer. I love dance, but haven’t been able to improve my technique because I can’t afford to continue classes at the moment.)

Musical Loves

*I’ve been blessed and made eye contact with them. This should only apply to Miyavi who I was really close to in Kinokuniya.

**even more blessed spoke to them/touched them

C  concert

♥ I stan them so hard that it hurts.


  • 雅 -MIYAVI- *♥
  • the GazettE ♥
  • ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh) C**
  • Uzuhi C** (I love them and know them personally. They’re such good people. TToTT)
  • Gackt Camui
  • L’Arc~en~Ciel C
  • Kanon Wakeshima


  • 동방신기 (DBSK)/HoMin/JYJ/forever 5 TToTT ♥
  • B.A.P ♥
  • EXO♥
  • 투 애니원 (2NE1) ♥C
  • 샤이니 (SHINee)
  • 블락비(block.B)

Ultimate Biases

  • Jonghyun (SHINee)
  • Donghae (Super Junior) Stole Jonghyun’s seat
  • Yesung (Super Junior) Invited himself to share the stolen seat
  • Yunho (DBSK) Burned everything including the seat while they were on it


  • Takamasa Ishihara (雅 -MIYAVI-)


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me2day: kakurayami

Lang-8: darkfire-382

tl;dr Hi, I’m a person. Who are you?

Day 1: Start a Tradition


Woah, wth did the “New Post” section change or did I click on something I shouldn’t have? Oh well… Okay, so maybe the “New Post” button at the top is for a quick post and if I click it from the side panel I’ll get the whole shazzam package for editing. Uh, to the post…

Thanks to Koichi and Tofugu, I’m gonna try “30 Days of Becoming a Better Japanese Learner” but for all the languages I’m studying. Japanese gets all my attention and poor Korean and Spanish have to wait forever for their turn.

Here’s the link for the ebook: I’m not sure how long it will stay free, but get it asap just in case. It’s free. Be a klepto. >.>

I don’t wanna explain too much about what each day says to do since there may be a price for the ebook soon, but he did write, “Feel free to take excerpts from this ebook and use them as you see fit (in your blog or whatevs).” And so I shall. :D

I’ll be pretty much summing up what I’ve learned from the ebook when I write these.

Day 1: Start a Tradition

If something becomes a tradition, you don’t really have to worry about it getting done, right? You just do it and barely have to remind yourself about it. Now imagine if you did that with chores and studying. Do you know how much could get done on time? WHY I haven’t thought about this before, I have no clue. I’m starting off with random and kinda vague traditions because that’s how all my ideas start. Random. Vague. Then they evolve.

  • Japanese: Review what I learned the day before when I wake up.
  • Korean: Put the KoreanClass101 word of the day in my notebook when I get on some electronic device.
  • Spanish: Turn to a Spanish channel when I turn on the TV. (Because most of the time I turn it on because I need light to find my damn bed and I wanna make some use of what mom is paying for.)

Note how none of the traditions have the word will in them. When you say, “I will,” you’re giving yourself the option of doing it later and well… It just doesn’t always get done.

Crap I don’t know what else to write. I feel awkward ending it here. Oooooo, I should do some language book reviews later. :D Wait… That didn’t really help the issue I had with how to end the post.