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2013 Language Goals


This is a rough draft of the language goals I have. I have noooooo idea how specific I’ll make the goals later, but I think it’s good for me to write something out here for now. It’ll help me get into the habit of doing language logs.

I wanted to make this list simple and general so I’m not taking on too much, but then again it’s what I’ll do within a year.

My Korean list will probably be the longes because I don’t need to do much with Spanish and I tend to put Korean at the side with Japanese. I only have Japanese at my college and I catch on to it much faster for some awkward and interesting reason. Because of all of that, I wanna make sure I can get my Korean up to my Japanese level before Japanese just soars straight up up and away. Haha, see what I did there? No? Okay… >.>


  • Watch a show in Spanish/Read a book in Spanish and understand 70%. This shouldn’t be too hard for me since vocab is my only problem at the moment. I’ll just need a week or two to brush up on grammar. This goal is really general, but it’s because I don’t know what specific things to do other than read books, look up words, and watch shows.
  • Lang-8 once a week


  • Finish Genki I and start Genki II. Based on how I’ll be taking the courses in college, this should go along well. I’d really like to be able to understand everything in Genki I thoroughly before moving on to II.
  • JLPT 5 kanji– ¬†all 103 of them
  • Half of JLPT 4 kanji– not sure how many that will be
  • Understand the JLPT 5 vocab list I threw somewhere into a folder I threw somewhere. I should stop throwing things in unknown places.
  • Try speaking and writing to Japanese friends in Japanese. I need to conversational stuff. XD
  • Lang-8 once a week


  • Type in Korean without looking at my nifty little stickers on the keys. I have a good idea of where everything is, but I’m not at my English typing speed.
  • Word on reading out loud. I hesitate a lot with reading Korean since I’m still kinda new to it. I’ve seen a little progress, but I definitely wanna work on this.
  • Translate and read those children’s folk takes! It’ll give me a little info on what stories kids grow up with and they’re easy to read. The series I’m sticking to at the moment is Korean Folk Takes for Children (lovely originality, I know) I have the first book and I’ll put the link at the end.
  • Lang-8 once a week
  • TOPIK level 1 or 2– I have noooo idea what the levels consist of, but it won’t hurt to try.
  • Finish the set of books I have. This includes: Intergrated Korean Beginning 1, Sogang Korean 1A (don’t like it, but I’m not wasting my money) Spoken World Korean: Beginner and I think that’s all. I’m getting Ewha and Yonsei books late January so yeah… I wanna get close to finished with those in the year since I may know most of the things in it and it’ll be more of a review/fine-tuning.
  • TTMIK level 3– I am a lazy and forgetful person so I really should’ve flew through the first two levels by now.
  • First set of Iyagi [ep. 1-10]– Only the first set because hahaha I am NOT an intermediate.


  • Haha, nah. No goals. Just speak and don’t let Japanese or Korean come out when I meant to say something in English. Easiest language goal ever. Uh… Maybe I’ll try to attempt to not skip over words I don’t know. Maybe.

Korean Folk Tales for Children (Amazon)


And that’s it! :D I hope everyone takes this new year and makes the most out of it. Wishing it will be good is one thing, but actually putting plans into action is what will guarantee your satisfaction. To everyone aspiring to be polyglots, keep on studying and make use of time. Don’t waste it like you used to. 10 minutes you normally would’ve wasted can go a long way.

All in all, remember this one thing: It’s never over no matter what someone does to you or what lies in your path; It’s only over if you give up on it all.