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Aish… I Should Replace the “Hello World!” Post.


2012년 9월 24일

안녕하세요. 제 일음은 키샤 입니다. 한국어를 공부해요.


Alright, back to English. There’s probably a good amount of errors in my Korean and my Japanese, but heh, I’m learning.

I started learning Japanese waaayy back here and there from watching anime and using free lessons online. I also purchased a couple of books from Kinokuniya to help the self-study process. It would be kinda hard if I didn’t… About a year ago my good friend A (names are letters on this blog for protection) introduced me to k-pop and k-dramas so now I’m on my way to learn Korean. I kinda abandoned all things Japanese once I got sucked in. >.> Sad, kinda… Nah. I regret nothing. For a while my knowledge of Japanese and ability to pronounce it got dog piled on by Korean… Sorry Japan. Right now I’m taking Japanese in college using Genki series and I’m self-studying Korean with many books and websites and friends. :D

I have a LJ for writing stories, a tumblr for tumblr-ing, a couple of blogs on blogger for uh… blogging (makeup/fashion, life, dreams, music) and I never touched this wordpress. Now I’m going to use it for my language study. :D

Here’s my language list in an order that may change:

English (first language, CHECK!)

European Spanish



Mandarin Chinese (I’m afraid to touch Cantonese)





Arabic (not sure which one yet…)

I catch on to languages pretty quickly (pronunciation-wise and grammar-wise) but remembering words is like trying to merge a door with a ceiling and make it lead to Hogwarts… Okay, maybe not all of that, but you see my point. The words slip easily if I’m not using it all the time or if I’m not consistent… Okay, maybe it is more of my fault… Don’t judge me. >.>

But this shall be my lousy introduction. :D