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Quick Question ;-; halp plz


Does anyone know of a way to change site names without all the wp-config.php stuff? I was hoping there was an easier way to do it. I don’t wanna confuse people with two different names (darkfire382 and JoenJinsei). I don’t wanna have to start all over in a new blog. OTL I’m hoping to find a way to easily change it to joeunjinsei.wordpress


Two days to review 7 chapters of Japanese before JPN201 starts! WHEEEEEEE! orz

Mini Update #2


It’s been a while hasn’t it? >.>

I recently placed a (kinda large) order with twoChois and I’m so impatient for it to get here. XD I had the option of buying some of the books from a bookstore in a Koreatown, but believe it or not, the prices are higher. Yeah. So even though I’d have to pay a lot for shipping for a heavy parcel from Korea, I’m still paying less than if I purchased everything from that bookstore. Crazy, huh? XD

In about eight more days, I’ll be back in Japanese class. They (the college- not so much the Japanese department) say it’s the intermediate level, but we’ll be on Genki II which is just the rest of the elementary level. OTL So from now until the 30th, I need to review a year’s worth of Japanese. 

Good News: I remember most of my grammar points, vocabulary, and kanji.

Bad News: I’m up to chapter 5 of 12 and I had a bad habit of not taking notes (Read: I need to write 8 more chapters worth of notes by the 30th.)


This is why you take notes as you go and don’t think you’ll go back and do it in a timely matter. XD That’s another bad habit of mine. I’ll read, understand, keep going, and tell myself I’ll definitely come back to it later. HAHA NO.

Although I’m really excited and a bit impatient for my order to arrive, it’s good that I’ll have to wait about a week. This forces me to study Japanese until classes start. If I had my order right now, there would be NO HOPE for reviewing Japanese.  (Unless I bought some Japanese books… Nope. Still no hope because these are Korean books I’ve wanted for a long time.) Does anyone else do that? If you’re studying two languages and get new books for one, you kinda ignore the other?  

Review: Complete Guide to the TOPIK – Basic [Darakwon] [twoChois Lucky Draw]


Goodness that was a long title…

Ah, where to start? Oh! Disclaimer: I haven’t taken the TOPIK before so that’s the POV this review will be written on.

Brief Overview:

Overall, I really like this TOPIK guide. It gives you a solid idea of how the test is broken down, what you are expected to know, and what types of questions will be asked. Everything is written clearly and has a simple color scheme therefore there isn’t too much going on in one page to make you go, “HELP @.@” There are explanations on sections and questions throughout the book, however, they are not enough for you to completely learn something new. You may get better understandings of things, but it will mainly review what it expects you to know. They inform you without making things too easy.

WARNING: Before using this book, do a good bit of studying on vocab and grammar. I had some trouble with the book because I study on and off nowadays and I really don’t know that many words.

ANOTHER WARNING: I wrote a lot because I wanted to give a thorough review, but mainly because I don’t know how to shut up.

Now for details! :D


IMG_00000073 IMG_00000080

(Hey look, it matches my notebook… kinda. Two different shades of blue. Pay no attention to SHINee trying to get screen time and 천정명 looking like he wants to eat the book.) It is smaller than an A4 size notebook, almost the same size as a 1st Look or @Star magazine when opened, and isn’t heavy , but there is lots of information in the book. Sometimes when I buy a small book, I get a little worried that there isn’t going to be much info, but I also don’t like feeling the weight of a large book in my bag. If I’m going to classes, it’s inevitable, but if it’s the weekend I dun wan heavy a bag. ;-;

Intro/Beginning/About the TOPIK

IMG_00000074 IMG_00000075

(Jonghyun and Taemin want you to do well, so study hard! ^.^ Ah, who am I kidding? They want screen time. Onew too, but… yeah, he got half an eye in…)

After the “preface” and “how to use this book” (which I either skip or skim through because publishers just wanna show how fancy they are) there’s a section in both Korean and English on how the TOPIK is run and what it’s about. Here’s a list of things it covers: (I don’t wanna write it in paragraph form because then it may get boring and I’m not that creative)

  • times of the year the TOPIK is held depending on your country
  • test duration
  • levels
  • sections and number of questions
  • how long the writing section is depending on your level
  • level/proficiency guideline
  • standards of passing the exam
  • registration procedure
  • testing areas in Korea

*Note: I knew pretty much nothing about TOPIK except for what the acronym stands for, but the into really helped me get an idea of how it runs so it was definitely helpful. I had no idea there are three levels of exams and not 6. For example, you could take the intermediate level and pass with a level 3 or a level 4 depending on what your score was. I’m used to the JLPT where if you take JPLT 3 either you pass or you don’t (DO OR DIE)- not two levels of passing and then the option of just failing completely.


The book is then broken up into three main parts: (1) Review and Analysis of Previous TOPIK Questions, (2) Practice Questions, and (3) Mock Tests.

Section I

IMG_00000076 IMG_00000077

I had to look up a ton of words and if Naver Dictionary didn’t exist, I don’t know what I would do with myself. I LIVE there now. If naverdic ever had room and board, I will be the first to apply.

Throughout this section, the book will be explaining the types of questions you may see and what answers they’re looking for in each section (어휘/문번, 쓰기, 듣기, 읽기). The explanations are at the bottom of each page in Korean and English. Something I really liked about their explanations was that they’d explain why the wrong answers are wrong. It doesn’t just say, “3 is correct because this is why it’s correct- NEXT.”

There’s about one question per page in this part, so there’s plenty of space for anyone who enjoys scribbling in their books.

On the sides, there are mini boxes titled “vocab & expressions” which I’m guessing are words/expressions that will come up a lot or have a high chance of being in a question. (Yay, more notes! :D)

I really liked that it recommends to look up the opposites of words/phrases and be wary of their look-a-likes. Tests like to be tricky, so it’s always good to know the difference between things. I can only imagine the pain of people learning English when they hear or see “The boy in the sea” vs. “The buoy in the sea.”

Section II

IMG_00000078 IMG_00000079

This section is pretty similar to Section I with the explanations and vocab/expressions boxes, but this time they are walking you through a full-length test. (Thank you, please, walk with me a little longer. Don’t go. I’m not ready yet. ;-;) Here, you are expected to answer yourself. The explanations at the bottom give hints and remind you what the question is asking. Correct answers are provided in the back of the book.

Section III

IMG_00000081 IMG_00000082

Here is where your training gets tested. You’re on your own, warrior. (대현: 태양아래 너를 맡겨봐. 내 가슴에 불을 지펴봐~)

Answer sheets for literally filling in your answers are in the very back of the book. I photocopy them since I don’t like ripping stuff out of pretty books and it’s semi-gloss paper which isn’t the best for pencil and erasing. I was confused on how to use them at first since there’s 1교시 and 2교시, but then I read that 1교시 is for 어휘/문번, 쓰기 and 2교시 was for 듣기, 읽기.  I was too amazed by all the circles and questions so I just looked at it like @.@ See, you gotta read. >.>

IMG_00000085 IMG_00000087 IMG_00000088

(정명 is always watching… waiting…)


Here is where the English translations for listening and reading will be for Section II & III. There aren’t explanations on why certain choices were wrong, but the translation is enough to make you go “Oh… Whoops” or “YES GOT IT” or “I accidentally answered that correctly.”

IMG_00000083 IMG_00000084



There are two CDs that come with this book. The first one is for Part II and the second one is for the mock tests. The CDs are very clear, but I’m surprised that everything was said so slowly. I thought I would have to be ready for a real-time hot in the middle of Korea speaking speed. Is that how it’s done on the beginner test?

cut here

WARNING:  Cut the blue and don’t cut where the red is like how I lined it in the photo. This way, your CDs won’t fly out if you choose to leave them in the book. Opening it any other way will make them run away from you like “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


  • clear, concise explanations and layout
  • portable and light
  • walks you through a full exam
  • gives you enough room to learn how you want and to get a challenge


  • It was never mentioned whether someone will read stuff for the listening section or if I’ll do the old-fashioned “listen to a CD player” thing. I think that’s what they do for SAT II for languages.
  • more explanation on the writing section since that’s the killer for everyone (i.e. what to look out for, what nails most people, more writing drills in general)
  • suggestions for what to do after mock tests (i.e. what to read if reading is your weakest point)

All in all, it’s a great book that I think people will be happy to use for preparing for the TOPIK. I’d definitely get the intermediate and advanced versions in the future.

Title: Complete Guide to the TOPIK – Basic
CDs: Yes- 2
Pages: 200
Paper: semi-gloss/medium thickness
Publisher: Darakwon
Price: 16,000원
ISBN: 978-89-5995-810-8
978-89-5995-804-7 (SET) *I guess this is for ordering all 3 books


Sorry for the late review. >.< Thank you once again to twoChois for doing Lucky Draws! :D

Mini Post Update Thing


I haven’t written since July 7th?! Really?! WTH ME. DX

I’ve been busy preparing for events and searching for jobs. ;-; I’m alive. I’m just not enjoying my vacation even though I blatantly told myself I’d make sure I did. XD I failed so far orz

Performed at GoGoCurry’s 5th anniversary, still preparing for my café’s next event: 3rd annual PokéPiku, and of course trying not to go on a killing spree in the financial aid office. If you’re in college or have attended it, you will understand my pain and war with college offices. If you’re not in college yet, you will soon know my pain. Heed my warning: TRUST NO ONE. HARASS EVERYONE.

So yeah. I’ve been reading posts from fellow bloggers and studying, but I haven’t updated my poor blog. I’m definitely doing the review on the TOPIK guide I got courtesy of twoChois tomorrow though. :D (And then there’s that backup of other books to review oi dale)

Maybe I should commit to doing a daily log so I don’t go MIA. (Did I say this before? I bet I did. It feels familiar…) If I make blogging daily a habit, there won’t be any chances for dust bunnies to live on my blog. >.> They like empty environments that aren’t tended to. Lawd, I’m talking about them like they’re insects. Sorry bunnies… Nah, not sorry.

New Blog Name :D (More like ‘Finally, a blog name’ but yeah…)


I’ve forgotten that the name of my blog is literally my screenname (which I use almost everywhere) and doesn’t really reflect what the blog is about. XD I want something that sounds catchy, but I am ALWAYS so nitpicky about making new names. It has to be something I really like or I’ll be like “Noooooooo, change it!” So far, as for names, I have nothing right now. Well I kinda sorta have something, but I dun liek iht. DX

I wanna mix something in Japanese with something in Korean like:  良い人生 and 좋은 생활 to get JoeunJinsei or something like that, but aaaaaahhhh asdklfjakfjaf IDEK. ._.

I’m starting to like it a little more now that I look at it but I’m still skeptical. XD

-5 minutes later-

Wait… I think I like it. >.> No. Yes. No, wait. Fudge… Yes. Maybe.


No. DX YES. (I’m a  mess. XD Does anyone else do this?)

Okay, I’m going to put the blog title as “JoeunJinsei” for now and let it grow on me. (Hopefully it will.)



;-; Why is this so hard?

It’s Here! [Thank you twoChois!]




I didn’t expect the package to get here so soon, but it did. The post office had me run back and forth today, but it was delivered to my apartment safely. ^.^

I’ll do a thorough review on the book once I really start using it, but for now it’s pictures, a packaging review, and =DDD.

I haven’t ordered anything from twoChois before, so this is the first time I’m receiving something from them. I have to say, they put a LOT of care and effort into making sure you get everything in excellent condition.

I was only expecting one book (Complete Guide to the TOPIK: Beginner), but on the parcel, I see: 1 book, 1 notebook, 1 newspaper and I’m like, “Woah! More stuff?” I had no idea I was getting all of that. XD

Inside the parcel, everything is wrapped in bubble wrap. (Yay protection!)


And then everything is in plastic.


And then each individual item is in plastic as well. It was amazing. I’ve never received something so carefully packaged.


LOOK AT THE PROTECTION AND CARE (feat. my microwave and stove)


Side Note: If you’re living in the U.S. like I am, you know that shipping from Korea can get expensive especially if you’re purchasing books. It’s why we have to look for U.S.-based shippers or save up a bit before buying anything. If you ever buy books from twoChois and shipping makes you and your wallet go TToTT from buying IDEK 3-5 books, know that it is being packaged VERY well and will get to you safely.  It’s worth it. I was planning on buying from Hanbooks in August, but buying in bulk from twoChois is the better option. The books are cheaper and the total (w/ shipping) is a little less than just the books’ subtotal at Hanbooks. Oh and again: it’s sooooo carefully packaged. I’m really impressed and happy.

;-; <– tears of happiness


The notebook is adorable and funny. I love it. XD I’ll probably use it for when I’m out and about and need to make a note to put in my notebook later. Handwritten notes with packages are always a plus. ^.^


I’ve always wanted an issue of this. Why? I don’t know. I’ve just seen it a lot and want it. XD


Stay tuned for the book review. :D (I’m saying “stay tuned” like this is a TV channel… I wish I had my own TV channel. OTL)